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Pure Cooling Ltd in Kent specialises in air conditioning. When it comes to examining, assessing and affecting the temperature of your space, we’re your one-stop-shop for all your cool-down requirements. Focusing on elevating your environment, we commit to supplying high-quality solutions, demonstrating the premium equipment we lead with. We work consistently to a monitored high standard, applying ourselves with cutting-edge, industry-approved equipment to provide thorough and rigorous support.

Who We Are

We’re a professional air conditioning business working across the trade to provide you with effective solutions. We deliver a service that’s renowned for its premium response rate, working with you to generate results. We earn your trust by communicating with you openly, using our skills and knowledge to address and resolve your specific situation. We have extensive experience troubleshooting, fault finding, maintaining, repairing and installing a variety of air conditioning units, working with commercial and domestic premises to provide secure systems. We’ve successfully completed numerous projects across various sectors, earning a solid reputation for our efficiency. We possess extensive knowledge of the latest advancements in air conditioning technology, ensuring we keep up to date with changes and developments as and when they occur.

AC Compressor Installation

What We Do

We supply, fit, fix and install air conditioning units. We work to a set of standards that ensure what we do is accurate, trustworthy and defined by finesse. We provide transparency, communicating with you openly to fix and attend to every request. We address concerns promptly, covering the local area to respond as fast as we can. Our prices are competitive, bringing influential value to the service we provide. Our service is reflective of our commitment. We assess your needs, working hard to respond to them accurately. From consultation to commission, we consider your direct heating needs and recommend the most suitable system for you. Our work in the department encompasses precise fitting, rigorous assessment, strict adherence to health and safety standards and comprehensive insight, providing you with an efficient experience that’s targeted and tailored to you.

Installation, Maintenance & Repair

We work across all areas, supplying a service that allows us to attend to your requirements no matter the job. When we work with you, in your space, we’re respectful, dedicated to ensuring we’re attentive, comprehensive and honest. We restore expertly, responding to any and every fault practically, extending our availability to you following immediate service to ensure long-term durability. We conduct thorough assessments throughout, ensuring your air conditioning is functioning unfalteringly.

AC Compressor Installation
AC Compressor Installation

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Get in touch to discuss our acute air conditioning services and ask questions about how it works, how it’s installed and how it can impact your space. We’re reputed air conditioning engineers in the area, known for our commitment to providing efficient and reliable service. Book your appointment with our trusted team to equip your property with luxury air conditioning in Sittingbourne.


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